Copiapoa humilis Rare Cactus Plant for sale

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Copiapoa humilis

Copiapoa humilis is one of the most admired species of cacti The cultivation of plants of the genre Copiapoa is not easy and the growth is very slow, so they are usually difficult to find on the market.

The reproduction by seed is possible, but very difficult and slow: the plants typically produce few seeds that must be planted very fresh and they have a very slow development.
Description: Very small low growing cactus sometime solitary but usually clumping at the base. It's a highly variable taxon with several more or less similar forms that could be described as local varieties. Taylor suggests that this is a very complex species or species aggregate, perhaps representing geographical varieties or, in some cases, critical species, listed here in sequence from north to south: C. tocopillana, C. tenuissima, C. variispinata, C. paposoensis, C. taltalensis, C. longispina and possibly C. chaniaralensis and C. esmeraldana.
In considering C. humilis species, we need to bear in mind the remarkable differences between young plants, with short, thin spination and the darker coloration of the body compared to the more robust adults with longer and sturdy, flexible spines.
Subglobular, depressed, pale olive -green to tan producing copious wool in the apex. . 2.5-9 cm. broad by 2-6 cm. high.
Flower: 2-4 cm. long, corolla sulphur yellow, scented. In cultivation in the C. humilis are able to flower from immature stems at an early age (c. 2 years from germination) and set viable seed.
Fruit: Round, naked, bright red, up to 8 mm long.

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Scientific name:   Copiapoa humilis (Phil.) P.C. Hutchison
In: Studies of South American Cactaceae, Cactus & Succulent Journal (USA), 25(2): 34-37; (3):63-72 1953.
Origin Antofagasta, to the north of Paposo, towards Blanco Encalada,Chile. (Type locality: Paposo, Antofagasta, Chile)

Habitat:  Native to the coastal deserts on the steep mountain base among fragmented stones. 50-300 m of altitude.  The long tuberous root of this copiapoa is buried deeply in these soils which are very poor in organic matter. In the area where this plants grows there is very little rain but frequent coastal fog, which provides a significant part of their water needs.The common presence in habitat of plants with juvenile spination forms on old taproots is due to the frequent grazing damage inflicted by donkeys.

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 2.

Cultivation: Need full sun otherwise the bodies tended to elongate in cultivation, but should be protected from excessive heat and sun in summer, Require light watering, good drainage, and deep pot to accommodate tap root. . Keep warm and dry in winter to avoid rot. Frost tolerance 0°C

Propagation: Seeds (offsets rarely), Grafting is often used to speed growth rate and to create a back-up to plants in collection.

Copiapoa humilis for sale Ø8 cm

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Copiapoa humilis

Copiapoa is not easy and the growth is very slow, so they are usually difficult to find on the market.

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